Working at Home with a Puppy

Maybe it’s different if you work from home full-time and have a puppy, but as someone who normally works in an office and occasionally works from home for severe weather, puppy, or contractor related things, I wouldn’t say I was especially productive the days that I worked from home. I got permission from my boss to book it home early on Tuesdays because I had a wall of meetings that forced me to work beyond my normal “take-Ayla-for-a-walk” time. So I’d get home, take her for a quick walk, and then sit down for another 1.5 hours of meetings. Unfortunately for me, because I was home, Ayla interpreted this (rightly so) as her time, and we should be playing.

Thank goodness my meeting was one that I could be mute for most of the time. Ayla will – to this day – entertain herself when I appear to be ignoring her, by finding the heaviest toys she’s got (buffalo horn, pig hoof) and literally fling them up into the air so that they can clatter down on the laminate floor. Or she finds a nice half crushed soda bottle, which some good air pockets that will crunch very noisily and goes to town on it. She knows that it’s annoying as heck, and she absolutely does it on purpose.

ayla asleep tied to my leg
And sometimes, you just have to tie your puppy to your leg and have them take a nap.

Ayla’s perspective on conference calls:

Ayla: “Oh woe is me, I have been forsaken on the back deck with a cucumber while my human is on back-to-back conference calls.”

Ayla: “Oh woe is me, I have been forsaken AGAIN because I couldn’t be quiet when I got back inside. I guess I will eat this cucumber now, poor sad little wretch that I am.”

Ayla: “Damn you woman! Are you STUPID?! I rang the front door bells, not the back. Stop putting me out here. I want to go for a walk out the FRONT DOOR.”

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