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August 12, 2017 / Puppy Proofing

It had been about 10 years since Pearl and Pearl was my previous puppy, so like every new parent, I read a lot of books and online resources, and assumed the worse. I was convinced that my puppy was going to be an escape artist…

March 20, 2018 / Puppy Proofing

At six months old, I decided it was time to drop Ayla down to one walk a day. The twice-a-day dog walks were killing my ability to save any money outside of my 401(k) because it all went towards dog walking, vet bills, or training…

October 10, 2018 / Puppy Proofing

But before I got a library card, I read what we had on the shelves. We happened to have two volumes of Native American folktales, so I read those early on and many of the tales featured coyote, the trickster. I often think of Ayla in the same vein. She is clever, sneaky, and motivated by her own interests, so in essence, a trickster. Recall how I had been teaching Ayla not to jump on the furniture?